May 25, 2024

Actors: Songs Connection Episode 1 English Subbed


Actors: Songs Connection Episode 1 – Adagio

actors: songs connection episode 1,actors songs connection episode 1,
Image Credit: Tokyo MX, BS NTV, AT-X

Episode Title: Adagio

Actors: Songs Connection Episode 1. Private Tensho Gakuen is located in the 7th school district of Slive Central. Yota Mitsubishi and others who belong to the singing club end up with one Bocalo song while searching for a song to sing in the contest.

Adagio. The members of the singing department contacted the producer’s Shinsuke to get permission to sing, but he was disgusted if it wasn’t Vocaloid considering the range of the range. At that time, Keisuke accidentally encountered a transfer student, Satoshi Onomiya who sang the song with a cappella.

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