May 19, 2024

Q: Why video/episode not loading?

A: Just use VPN. Sometimes due to internet/IP issues episodes won’t load, to solve this problem you can use VPN or change the video player.

Q: How to download the episode?

A: You can download episodes from 4Shared and External video player.

If you’re using 4Shared video player on PC, then Right-click on the episode and choose select Save Video As


If you’re using 4Shared video player on your Mobile/Phone, then Long press on the episode and a download option pop-up, then click on Download video

If you’re using External video player then the direct download option is available

Q: Why countdown timer stuck at 00:00:00?

A: Sometimes episodes won’t release at the exact time, that’s due to a delay in the release of subversion or our developer busy (sleep).

Q: Why hasn’t the episode been released yet?

A: Our developer has a horrible sleep schedule due to that sometimes the episode won’t release at the proper time.

Q: Why english dubbed episodes not released?

A: English dubbed episodes don’t have proper release time, dub episodes are released on random days & times.

Q: Why 4Shared player showing, This file is not available any more?

A: Due to copyright issue we get this type of issue, please inform us about this problem. We will fix this problem ASAP.

Q: How to enable the Dark Mode/Theme option on the website?

A: To enable dark mode click on the floating switch at the bottom-left of the website.

Q: How to request anime that upload on the website?

A: To request anime, you have to join our discord server. Remember, the requested anime will be uploaded on the website depending on the developer mood.