May 19, 2024

Actors: Songs Connection Episode 6 English Subbed


Actors: Songs Connection Episode 6 – appassionato

Actors: Songs Connection Ep 6
Credits: Tokyo MX, BS NTV, AT-X

Episode Title: appassionato

Actors: Songs Connection Episode 6. Tensho Gakuen’s school excursion is a rare form that you can go freely in all grades. He was trying to give up school excursion in consideration of living expenses and desired hospitalization expenses, but Keisuke and Poetry argue that everything is a solution if they aim for a thousand dollars in distribution music.

appassionato. While the three people ask the cooperation of the singing club and incorporate the live performance of the instrument to finish the new song, the completed song has no sign of selling. In the meantime, Iimori of the beautification promotion department has suggested that PV should be created.

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