May 19, 2024

Actors: Songs Connection Episode 8 English Subbed


Actors: Songs Connection Episode 8 – Concerto

Actors Songs Connection Episode 8
Credits: Tokyo MX, BS NTV, AT-X

Episode Title: Concerto

Actors: Songs Connection Episode 8. At the karaoke box canzone, where he works part-time, Keisuke and poetry become fights due to differences in the way of thinking about music. Tsuji, who was caught between the boards, consulted with Yota, but he saw the appearance of the Japanese culture research department Naruko and Azabu colliding with each other’s beliefs.

Concerto. By reversing the order of lyrics and composition, Keisuke and Poetry I want to prove the correctness of each. And a new song that breaks the shell will be born because the two have collided to the fullest!.

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