May 29, 2024

After School Dice Club (Houkago Saikoro Club) Episode 4 English Subbed


After School Dice Club Episode 4 – Midori’s Dream

After School Dice Club Episode 4, Houkago Saikoro Club Episode 4
Image Credit: ABC, Tokyo MX, BS11

Episode Title: Midori’s Dream

After School Dice Club Episode 4. For Mihime, who was able to have a good time together, the first semester was over in no time, and the season of the cultural festival was approaching. At that time, student council vice president Ren Shibusawa was amazed at the idea of ​​a good cultural festival.

Midori’s Dream. Lotus asks Sakai, who was a junior in junior high school, to cooperate, but is refused because he has something else to do. A lotus who can’t give up boarded a board game store Saikoro Club ahead of Sakai’s part-time job. What is What you want to do?.

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