May 29, 2024

After School Dice Club (Houkago Saikoro Club) Episode 9 English Subbed


After School Dice Club Episode 9 – Daruma-Doll Fell Down

Houkago Saikoro Club Episode 9
Credits: ABC, Tokyo MX, BS11

Episode Title: Daruma-Doll Fell Down

After School Dice Club Episode 9. Emmy, who played games with Miki, Aya, and Satokoro Club, remembers that she had left a friend in Germany who promised to become a game designer.

Daruma-Doll Fell Down. When he sees such an Emmy and knows he has the same dream, he suddenly changes his attitude. However, Emmy who wants to get along with her niece says that she wants to do Daruma-san has fallen.

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