May 24, 2024

No Guns Life Episode 5 English Subbed


No Guns Life Episode 5 – EMS

No Guns Life Ep 5
Credits: TBS, AT-X, SUN, KBS, BS11, Funimation

Episode Title: EMS

No Guns Life Episode 5. When Thirteen is a barber and is being cared for by a gun head, the Olivier of the Reconstruction Agency Expander Measures Bureau (EMS) appears. Thirteen declares that he will be restrained on charges of violating the Extend Act.

EMS. Thirteen is taken to Olivier, but in that car, she calls for the fulfillment of the promise that she has made with Thirteen. A prisoner running away appears there and crashes into the convoy. The prisoner who has lost his restraint begins to rampage and tries to attack Scarlet who is taken with him.

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