May 28, 2024

Stand My Heroes: Piece of Truth Episode 6 English Subbed


Stand My Heroes: Piece of Truth Episode 6 – Piece 6

Stand My Heroes Piece of Truth Episode 6
Credits: Tokyo MX, Crunchyroll, BS11, Yomiuri TV

Episode Title: Piece 6

Stand My Heroes: Piece of Truth Episode 6. If life is ugly, don’t go deeper than this An unknown threat email sent to Izumi’s cell phone. I will report this to Aoyama, but I ask Matri members to remain silent because they don’t want to worry. On the other hand, Matri members will be mobilized as assistants to the Safety and Safety Waiwai Fair event jointly held by the Ministry of Health.

Piece 6. Labor and Welfare, the Metropolitan Police Department, and the Fire Department, where Kyosuke serves as the police officer for the day. The event venue includes the members of the Metropolitan Police Department and the human figure of the Kujo family.

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