June 16, 2024

Stand My Heroes: Piece of Truth Episode 3 English Dubbed


Stand My Heroes: Piece of Truth Episode 3 – PIECE3

Stand My Heroes Piece of Truth Episode 3
Image Credit: Tokyo MX, Crunchyroll, BS11, Yomiuri TV

Episode Title: PIECE3

Stand My Heroes: Piece of Truth Episode 3. A mysterious drug in a set of two tablets, white and blue, was discovered in an apartment of a man who was arrested in a busy street. The ingredient is similar to plus temporarily circulated more than ten years ago, but detailed information is unknown.

PIECE3. On the other hand, Izumi is introduced to Makoto Tsuzuki, the best-selling author of the stand, and is going to meet with Yayoi Arakida from the Investigation Division 1. However, Makoto is not sure to trust Matri. Later, Izumi, who tried to persuade him again, met Makoto’s younger brother and young popular actor Kyosuke Tsuzuki.

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