June 16, 2024

Stand My Heroes: Piece of Truth Episode 4 English Subbed


Stand My Heroes: Piece of Truth Episode 4 – PIECE4

Stand My Heroes Piece of Truth Episode 4
Image Credit: Tokyo MX, Crunchyroll, BS11, Yomiuri TV

Episode Title: PIECE4

Stand My Heroes: Piece of Truth Episode 4. A member of Matri who receives a report of the scout situation at a tavern. The stand candidate Makoto Tsuzuki’s scout will be suspended. A fountain that confesses that Kyosuke frequently receives contacts and meals from Kyosuke, a popular young actor’s younger brother, Tsuzuki Kyosuke.

PIECE4. The whole group is excited to learn that Izumi is persuaded by a very popular young actor. The next day, Kyosuke was waiting for the fountain to go to the Metropolitan Police Department for deliveries.

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